Wine Region: Fruili, Italy

Grape: Sauvignon Blanc

Tasting Notes

In this cuvee, Sauvignon Blanc is merely a vehicle for the Carso's trademark minerality and salinity. The Selezione represents Kante's pick of the best barrels, aged an additional four years in tank after the customary year in neutral wood. Its Sauvignon fruit is ethereal, tender, and delicately citrusy, then delivers a tonic energy with salivating notes of briny sea breeze and stone. This is a grande Sauvignon to reserve for your finest platter of shellfish.

About the Winery

Edi Kante enhances the unique qualities of its lean lands embellished by the sea breeze of the Gulf of Trieste.
A land without land, where vines struggle for survival with stone, a lot of stone.
Acidity and minerality thus become distinctive and characteristic traits of a process in harmony with a rough and diffident territory that can be caressed by the skilled hands of a modern alchemist.

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