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LE NEZ DU CAFÉ "COFFEE" 6 AROMAS (Online Exclusive)

6 major aromatic notes of coffee from the 5 most distinctive aroma groups:
Spicy note: 8 pepper. Floral note: 12 coffee blossom. Fruity note: 14 blackcurrant-like. Animal note: 18 butter. Toasty notes: 25 caramel, 29 roasted hazelnuts.

An illustrated booklet gives a concise explanation of the sense of smell. It describes the aromatic group of each aroma, its odoriferous features and its presence in the world’s coffees, as well as the art of coffee growing, roasting and brewing.

An introductory course for the growing numbers of coffee lovers. An original, high-quality gift to go with a pack of coffee. Your cup of coffee will take on a new dimension.

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