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LE NEZ DU VIN "ARMAGNAC" 12 AROMAS (Online Exclusive)

In celebration of L’Armagnac’s 700 Anniversary, we are proud to present our addition to the le nez du vin collection. To hone our senses to the secrets of Armagnac: from the subtle, smooth aroma of linden flowing from the still, to the fruity pear note characteristic of fruit brandy, to the warm, classic prune, the stamp of long aging, as is walnut, to the elegant candied orange, an abiding feature of old Armagnac, without forgetting the soft, complex palette provided by wood... 12 notes that punctuate and tell the story of the life of Armagnac, from the prime of youth to full maturity.

- 12 Aroma Vials
- 1 Illustrated Instructional Manual (67 pages) 
- Presented In A Cloth-Bound Book 

Aroma List:
01 - Linden, 02 - Honey, 03 - Pear, 04 - Quince, 05 - Prune, 06 - Candied Orange
07 - Walnut, 08 - Leather, 09 - Oak, 10 - Vanilla, 11 - Pepper, 12 - Cocoa

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