Wine Region: Adelaide Hills, Australia

Grape: Pinot Noir

Tasting Notes

Anton's house blend of Pinot Noir from multiple sites. Made without sulphites or any tinkering, as with all other wines in this release.

A fine boned Pinot with an elegant and silky palate. Brambly red fruits and light strawberry sit alongside notes of lemongrass and brambles. A touch funky on first opening, this wine really opens up with air. A great food wine.

About Lucy Margaux Wines

Lucy Margaux aims to produce wines that express themselves. To achieve this at the highest level, winemaker Anton Van Klopper would never consider adding yeast, bacteria, acid, sugar or any of the other artificial or natural additives. The wines are naturally fermented, without any adulteration. No additives or “tricks” are employed, such as acid, sugar, enzyme, plastic polymers, fish bladder, copper, gelatine, clay, etc. All of their wines spend some time in oak  barrels, shaved and toasted in the winery to suit each ferment. The wine is never pumped, only moved by gravity or pushed by inert gas (argon). All the wines are unfined, unfiltered (except the rosé as this may have a small amount of residual sugar). The wine only ever sees sulphur just prior to bottling; this is kept to a minium (60 ppm) to ensure that it is protected on the journeys to your cellar or glass.


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