Rober Parker, Wine Advocate  : "Dalmau is the most “international” of all their wines, but is a wine from Ygay because the Cabernet they have in their vineyards is now 56 years old and is part of the estate and you also feel more the smoky notes and the earthy, peat-like minerality. (...) This is a cuvée that used to be quite oaky, but this has changed radically and the earthy personality is much stronger, and the oak is perfectly integrated, and even if it’s extremely young is perfectly drinkable and showing classical aromas of cigar box, cedar wood and lead pencil. The texture is creamy and even if the tannins are velvety and the acidity is fine, just the complexity you will gain with a couple of years in bottle would payback a little patience. It’s a matter of personal preference and the style in this wine is quite strong, but this is objectively a great vintage for Dalmau."

It has a complex and velvety nose, with an explosion of aromas of wild fruits, dark chocolate and mineral notes, elegantly combined with the creamy toasting of its ageing in the new French oak barrels. An elegant and extraordinary wine which impresses in every way, with body and harmony, of magnificent balance which creates a powerful wine.

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