Mead Beverages Tasting, 6th Ave wine shop, 1st August

Don’t miss this chance to try some locally-inspired mead beverages. Come and meet Simon, a Singapore mead brewer who give this traditional honey-based cripple a contemporary twist! Let’s sip on honey and booze combinations. Here’s what’s up for tasting:

RACHELLE'S BANDUNG 2017 (honey + rosebuds)

RACHELLE’S UPPERCUT 2017 (honey + lemon + ginger)

RACHELLE’S DOUBLE KICK 2017 (honey + orange + cinnamon + clove)

RACHELLE’S FIREBALL 2017 (wildflower honey + maple syrup)

RACHELLE’S MINI JAB 2018 (stingless honey) 


Wednesday 1st August, 7pm
9 Anamalai Avenue
Straits Wine Company, Sixth Avenue, 279979

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