SCARBOLO LARA SUNSET SCENT 2016 (2 @$75) - Straits Wine


Wine Region: Friuli, Italy

Grape: Chardonnay

Tasting Notes

Intense golden yellow in colour with aromas of tropical fruit, grapefruit, hints of vanilla and sweet almonds. Rounded taste but with nice freshness and structure.

About the Winery

Scarbolo is a family owned winery in the Fruili region of northern Italy. In 1960 Gino Scarbolo planted the first vines, and the winery has seen four generations of the family since. You can see the generations of wheels turning to keep the vineyard always progressing to make better wines on the label of every bottle of Scarbolo wine.

At Scarbolo we follow the “SQNPI” integrated farming protocol, which is founded on respecting the principles of environmental sustainability integrating them into the high quality of the grapes. Being awarded the certificate is the result of our commitment to orient vineyard management toward practices that are environmentally respectful, responsible, and committed, by reducing chemicals and synthetic fertilizers, and always keeping in mind that good wine is made from good, healthy grapes.

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