Wine Region: Veneto, Italy

Grapes: Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara

Tasting Notes

Has a characteristic intense and brilliant garnet red color, poured into the glass has kept purple reflections. It expresses a range of ethereal perfumes, prevails the fragrance of small withered red fruit, especially cherry, blackberry and sour cherry, with light notes of spices and toasted wood. It has a good body, is dense, robust, winy and pleasantly tannic and bitter. The drink is wide and energetic, caresses the palate leaving it velvety. In the mouth there are the flavors of red fruit of wood under the spirit, followed by spicy and balsamic aromas. The finish is satisfying, with the return of the olfactory sensations and a long aftertaste. This label is perfect for red meat dishes, such as braised, grilled, roasted and marinated.

About the Winery

The grapes not only form the basis for a good wine: they give it its essence, its soul, its personality. They adapt themselves to the rhythms of nature, they make themselves at home in the land in which they grow and allow themselves to be guided by the hands of the vigneron. Cultivating the land is an ancient occupation, tinged with tradition and the aura of times past. The Speris began working as vine growers in Valpolicella seven generations ago. Times change but the old values endure, as does the Speri's pride in being part of an extraordinary area like the Valpolicella classica zone and the moral duty they feel to express its characteristics in their company's wines.

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