Wine Region: Yarra Valley, Australia

Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec

Tasting Notes

This wine has medium to deep garnet colour with slow legs. Clean with pronounced aroma of dark forest berries, sweet spices and lingering smoky oak on the nose. Dry with structured acidity and dark refining.

About the Winery

In 1973 Dr Bailey Carrodus released the first commercial vintage of wine from the Yarra Valley since 1923. The wines reflect this highly individual man, the site he chose so carefully, and the vagaries of the seasons in which they are produced. Today, Yarra Yering's Winemaker Sarah Crowe is honouring the tradition that Dr Carrodus started in 1969. She is focusing on giving individual blocks and varieties the time and attention they deserve to continue making high quality wine.

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