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Tresor Legendaire Whisky De France

The two French single malts from the Jura are called “Trésor Légendaire” and offer a finish in Vin de Paille cask and a finish in Vin Jaune cask. Jura Trésor Légendaire whiskeys develop iodized aromas.

This is an excellent Jura anchorage. No wonder, when we know that their producer is none other than Domaine Marcel Cabelier, specialist in Vin Jaune and Vin de Paille for several generations.

The label reminds us of the legend of the Wyvern, an evil creature of the waters. But I do not find anything evil in them, in these two eaux-de-de-youth that awaken your taste buds, and more so affinities.

Mr H French

Alsace is the cradle of Hops culture. At the heart of the mysterious region of Alsace in depths of the Northern Vosges is the gin of Mr H. The blend of two distillations, one made from juniper, the second from other botanicals with a touch of hops make this creation fresh, exuberant and lively. Aromatically sweet with great personality. Mr H will certainly leave your taste buds tingling.