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#StraitsTalk: It’s Always Wine o’Clock

by Straits Wine Company 30 Sep 2022

Just look at the time — the clock always reads ‘Wine O’Clock’ at Straits Wine! Our monthly curation of specially priced wines are take you from day-ish to night, and then some. We know it’s not always easy choosing a tipple for yourself or as a gift, so we’ve rounded up some of our expert store managers to help us highlight some of their personal favourites this month. 


Ideal way to kickstart your meals

In the mood for a boozy brunch? Desmond from Straits Wine at Mess Hall recommends both the Domaine Jacques Tissot AOC Crémant Du Jura Brut and Pasqua Passione Sentimento Romeo & Juliet Bianco 2020. These refreshing wines will whet your appetite and are a great pre-cursor to the rest of your meal. The former displays fine, delicate bubbles with a refreshing, supple and pleasant palate of apple and peach while the latter is buttery yet refreshing with a lingering finish, with intense tropical and peach flavours on the nose. Rather have a bit a sparkling throughout your meal? (You’re our kinda person!) Go for Champagne Dom Caudron Prédiction Brut, a true embodiment of the village Passy-Grigny, its roudness and fruity flavour is ideal for any occasion and goes well with dishes such as rich fish (salmon, tuna etc), shellfish, pork, and mild and soft cheese.

If you’re taking advantage of a rare sunny day in October for a barbecue or cookout, Straits Wine at UE Square’s store manager Sam suggests the Saint & Scholar Sauvignon Blanc 2019. Always a top seller in-store and a great everyday wine, it boasts a delicate floral note, with a nutty creamy edge that offers a final unexpected touch of complexity. Perfectly paired with light proteins, like grilled fish and chicken. 

Let’s get a little bit fancy

If you’re on the market for a big, bold red, our ICON Village store manager Rachel highly recommends the Viña Pedrosa Crianza 2018. An intense, fairly tannic red wine that is very expressive on the nose, expect an aftertaste that is persistent and broad. A flagship wine by Pérez Pascuas for good reason! For a bottle that is slightly more medium-bodied, consider the De Grendel Merlot 2019, which pairs wonderfully with red meat. This wine is decidedly oaky, with balanced acidity and tannin palate with a silky finish. 

For those that enjoy a good Tempranillo, the Mano A Mano Venta La Ossa 2018 is another great choice recommended by Sam. From the ripe red fruit to its balsamic notes that provide a freshness together with a mineral touch, it is all perfectly blended with the oak that contributes hints of spices, coffee and cocoa.  Finally, for the purists, Rachel offers the La Stella Allegretto Merlot 2017 — a classic single-vinyard merlot that makes its presence known both on the nose and on the attack. Raw cacao nibs, wild desert herbs mingle with the fruit and delicate dusty earthy notes. This will wow even the biggest Merlot nay-sayers.

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