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Dive Into the World of Great Wines with #StraitsWineDiscovery - Six Bottles You Can’t Miss

by Straits Wine Company 19 Oct 2023

Every great discovery starts with a journey of exploration! This month on our #StraitsWineDiscovery programme, we unveil six sensational wines hailing from remarkable wineries to add to your must-have list. Refresh your taste buds with the selection available at UE Square, ICON Village, Quayside Isle, Balmoral Plaza, and Rail Mall today! 

1. Marco Felluga Molamatta Collio Bianco 2021

Starting off strong, we introduce the Marco Felluga Molamatta Collio Bianco 2021 from Italy. Inspired by the vineyard’s location, the handpicked blend is named ‘Molamatta’, showcasing the crisp and exotic flavours it holds. Glistening with a golden hue, this wine displays an elegant bouquet of exotic citrus fruits and when aged, it develops distinct hints like vanilla. This Italian Friulano wine embodies freshness, perfect for completing any meal and ending the day on a sweet note. 

2. Tracy & Cie Madame des Fontaynes Les Marnes IGP Sauvignon 2022

Photo credits: @chateaudetracy

Be transported back to the royal Château de Tracy when you sip on the Tracy & Cie Madame des Fontaynes Les Marnes IGP Sauvignon 2022. Set amidst the storied castle in Burgundy and offering spectacular views of the Loire River, this wine is steeped in heritage and boasts the excellence of the finest Sauvignon Blanc grapes it is crafted from. Expect a burst of flavours with a zesty palette infused with passionfruit and fresh herbs, with every glass. 

3. Alpha Box & Dice Very Special Shiraz 2021

Photo Credits:@alphaboxdice

Venture to the land down under with the Alpha Box & Dice’s Very Special Shiraz 2021. The lively and vibrant Australian wine is an adventure all around from its deep purple due to its exciting flavour profile infusing spice chocolate and warm fruit on the nose. Dark fruits like plums and blackberries warm to hints of rich and sweet oak spice, balanced by soft tannin and gentle acidity to excite the taste buds. Perfect for a pick-me-up or a chill ‘Netflix and Chill’ night, the treasure is one not to miss on your next wine night. 

4. Château La Nerthe Châteauneuf Du Pape Rouge 2017

Photo credits: @chateaulanerthe

Elegance and luxury are the perfect words to describe the Château La Nerthe Châteauneuf Du Pape Rouge 2017. A classic indulgence, the bottle of red boasts a rich and bold flavour, unfolding a complex palate with blackcurrant and oak. Calling all cigar enthusiasts to add this wine to accompany your fine cigar! 

5. Chateau Le Bourdieu Vertheuil 2020

Greeting you next is the Chateau Le Bourdieu Vertheuil 2020 from the renowned Bordeaux region in France. Enveloped in history dating back to the 17th century, this bottle is rooted in heritage and offers the best of the region. The fruit-forward ruby-red gem is berry-rich on the nose and delights with redcurrant and subtle nodes of herb on the palate. Don’t forget to pair this with an indulgent plate of steak or red meat to complete your dining affair!  

6. Decero The Owl & The Dust Devil Malbec 2019

Photo Credits: Finca Decero
Embrace the taste of Argentina with the hallmark wine: the single varietal Malbec Decero The Owl & The Dust Devil Malbec 2019. The bottle of excellence tells an age as old as time, to the two natural wonders of Remolinos Vineyard: the whirlwinds which form dust devils and the protective owls who seek to chase them away from ‘their’ precious vines. With a deep purple hue with blackberry and floral notes, the lush palate of the wine unveils black cherry and chocolate, apt for any celebration. 

Excited to try these wines? Head on down to our stores now to sample it for yourselves. 
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