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Helena Lageder: Redefining Wine at Alois Lageder with Freedom and Creativity

by Straits Wine Company 28 Nov 2023

What do you get when you put innovation and the thirst for knowledge together? A great story to tell about the art of winemaking! We had the exclusive opportunity to meet Helena Lageder, Head of Marketing and Communication and Export Manager at Alois Lageder for a Wine Experts event at our Icon Village outlet. Backed by an interesting career in the cinematic universe, we managed to have a chat with her to talk all about her family-owned winery in Italy.

With roots going back to 200 years ago, Alois Lageder is a family-owned winery, steeped in heritage and innovation. Focusing on quality and championing the use of biodynamics in winemaking, the winery has made a name for itself in the ever-evolving nature of the industry. Before joining her family in telling the tale behind each wine, Helena was behind the camera, writing, producing, and bringing stories to life. She brings the same enthusiasm, open mind, and sense of exploration when telling the untold stories of the Alois Lageder wines. She tells us how the key to carving your own path is to, go out and discover what other industries are doing, to unlock the boundaries, and eventually broaden your mind about the world.

While she spent her life amidst experts in winemaking, Helena was always encouraged to travel and learn and put her own spin to life. She fondly remembers her early experiences of working in various restaurants, primarily in kitchens and catering. She also moved to England at 16, completing her studies and passion in cinema and theatre; which she then worked in cities like London, New York, Munich, and Berlin. Her love for the arts and gastronomy was the reason for her to head the marketing of wines at Alois Lageder - to look into wines from different lenses.

Growing up in a family deeply rooted in winemaking philosophy rather than a mere business, Helena effortlessly transitioned into her role. Taking charge of marketing and communications in Alois Lageder, she brings a creative touch, pushing boundaries, and welcoming new ideas. Her unique upbringing allowed her to approach the wine industry from a fresh angle, focusing not just on what's inside the bottle but also on the story, the visuals, and the philosophy behind it.

With freedom and creativity in the wine industry

Reflecting on the challenges of the ever-changing wine industry, Helena acknowledges the need to stay relevant. As technology continues to play a significant role, she emphasises the importance of understanding and utilising available tools. With a focus on health-conscious consumers, Helena sees an exciting future in finding innovative ways to communicate the harmony between wine, nature, and well-being.

Helena's parents instilled in her the value of following one's dreams and exploring the world. Their travels and inspirations opened her mind to a world of possibilities. She says with a chuckle how her living amidst the serene mountains brings her solace between her frequent travels. Discovering new cultures, and bringing fresh ideas back home - these are what Helena looks forward to every time she jetsets, be it for work or leisure.

Helena advocates for breaking away from traditional wine communication. She encourages looking beyond the wine industry, collaborating across sectors, and drawing inspiration from diverse sources. Engaging with a younger audience involves understanding their interests and staying abreast of ever-evolving trends. 

Revolution on sustainability

The Lageder family's commitment to biodynamic agriculture is a journey that spans generations. Inspired by Helena's grandmother, their approach involves creating a self-sustaining ecosystem where animals, plants, and vineyards coexist harmoniously. This philosophy extends from the fields to the final bottled product, embodying a commitment to biodiversity and a holistic winemaking process.

In Helena Lageder's world, wine is not just a beverage; it's a story, a philosophy, and a commitment to sustainability. Her journey exemplifies a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, echoing through the lush vineyards of Alois Lageder.

Go on a journey of exploration and pick up a bottle of Alois Lageder at any of our stores or at now to have a sip of history and quality!

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Helena Lageder: Redefining Wine at Alois Lageder with Freedom and Creativity

What do you get when you put innovation and the thirst for knowledge together? A great story to tell about the art...

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