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Piedmont’s Hidden Treasures: Unearthing a Trio of Wine Gems

by Straits Wine Company 28 Jun 2023

Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of northern Italy, the enchanting region of Piedmont is a true haven for wine lovers and experts. Its gentle rolling hills, captivating vineyards, and deep-rooted winemaking heritage have firmly established Piedmont as one of the world’s most esteemed wine regions. Within Piedmont’s borders, an array of remarkable wineries awaits, each offering a distinct representation of the region’s terroir and winemaking customs. From family estates passed down through generations to trailblazing wineries pushing the boundaries of imagination such as Dante Rivetti and G.D Vjara, the vineries in Piedmont epitomises a captivating fusion of traditional values and innovative approaches.


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Dante Rivetti

One such winery that captivates with its unwavering commitment to quality and tradition is Dante Rivetti. Situated in the heart of Piedmont, Dante Rivetti is a visionary winery known for crafting exceptional wines that reflect the essence of the land. With a deep respect for the environment and a meticulous approach to winemaking, Dante Rivetti produces wines that embody elegance, complexity, and a true sense of place.

Photo credit: Dante Rivetti


Try it: Dante Rivetti Barbaresco DOCG Bric-Micca 2018

Dante Rivetti Barbaresco DOCG Bric-Micca 2018 is a truly captivating wine that exemplifies the elegance and complexity of Barbaresco, one of the most prestigious appellations in Piedmont, Italy. This exceptional red wine showcases the expertise and dedication of the winery, leaving a lasting impression, with a satisfying finish that lingers on the palate. 

Featuring a remarkable range of flavours, their rendition of the Barbaresco deeply showcases the wine’s depth and character. Ripe red berries, such as cherries and raspberries, dance on the tongue, accompanied by notes of black tea, dried herbs, and a subtle spiciness. These elements come together to create a symphony of flavours, with each sip revealing new nuances and intricacies. This wine beautifully represents the essence of Barbaresco, capturing the unique terroir of the region and expressing it through a masterful blend of tradition and innovation.



Venturing further into the region, one encounters the renowned Braida winery. Established in 1961, Braida has become synonymous with excellence in winemaking. This iconic estate has played a pivotal role in revolutionising the production of Barbera wines, crafting outstanding examples of this grape variety that have garnered worldwide acclaim. With a focus on tradition and innovation, Braida continues to produce remarkable wines that capture the essence of Piedmont’s terroir.

Photo credit: Braida


Try it: Braida Il Baciale Monferrato Rosso 2017

Braida Il Baciale Monferrato Rosso 2017 is a remarkable red wine that exemplifies the artistry and passion of Braida, a renowned winery located in the Monferrato region of Piedmont, Italy. This exceptional blend showcases a harmonious combination of Barbera, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot, resulting in a wine of complexity, balance, and depth.

The flavour profile of Braida Il Baciale Monferrato Rosso 2017 is multifaceted and captivating. Ripe blackberries and plums dominate the palate, showcasing the wine’s fruit-forward nature. These flavours are beautifully complemented by the subtle nuances of chocolate and spice, which add layers of complexity and sophistication. The interplay between the different grape varieties in the blend creates a harmonious fusion of flavours, each contributing its unique characteristics to the wine’s overall composition.


G.D Vajra

G.D. Vajra stands as another shining star in the constellation of Piedmontese vineries. Situated in the Langhe region, this esteemed winery embraces a philosophy deeply rooted in the region’s winemaking traditions. With a commitment to organic and biodynamic practices, G.D. Vajra carefully tends to their vineyards, allowing the true character of the grapes to shine through in each bottle. The wines of G.D. Vajra displays an exquisite balance, elegance, and a profound respect for the land.

Photo Credit: The Real Review


Try: G.D. Vajra Dolcetto D’Alba 2021

G.D. Vajra Dolcetto D’Alba 2021 is a captivating red wine that showcases the distinctiveness of Dolcetto, a native grape variety of Piedmont, Italy. Produced by G.D. Vajra, a renowned winery known for their commitment to quality and tradition, this wine captures the essence of the region and the grape, offering a delightful sensory experience.

It is a versatile wine that pairs wonderfully with a range of dishes. Its soft and balanced nature makes it an excellent companion for Italian cuisine, particularly regional specialties from Piedmont. It harmonises beautifully with pasta dishes, risottos, and pizza, complementing the rich flavours and textures. The wine’s vibrant acidity also makes it a suitable partner for grilled vegetables, roasted meats, and charcuterie. Its versatility and approachability make it a wine that can be enjoyed on various occasions, from casual gatherings to more formal settings.

Whether you’re sampling the Nebbiolo-based wonders of Barolo, savouring the vibrant Barberas of Asti and Alba, or immersing yourself in the aromatic delights of Moscato d’Asti, each winery in Piedmont adds a unique chapter to the story of Italian winemaking. So, raise your glass and let the wines of Piedmont transport you to a realm where tradition meets innovation, where passion and craftsmanship blend harmoniously, and where every sip tells a tale of the land and its people. 

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