In the beginning, there was Bertinga. A place and a vineyard, for centuries a local toponym, precisely-delineated, like the facets of a diamond, into smaller parcels. Then came the vertically-reaching Adine vineyard, and the sun-blest Vertine.

Three vineyards, totalling less than 20 hectares, enfolded in a magic circle of a few square kilometres, perched on the very roof of Chianti Classico, in Gaiole in Chianti, to be precise.

Their peak is the winecellar, with its steel-floored terrace gazing out over the castles of Tuscany, or perhaps better, their prow, since the vineyards fall away below it so steeply that they disappear as if in the trough of a wave.

Only two grapes reign here, Sangiovese, naturally, and Merlot. They yield four Toscana IGT wines: the winery’s iconic Bertinga; its second vin, Sassi Chiusi; and two single-parcel interpretations, Punta di Adine and Volta di Bertinga, all-Sangiovese and all-Merlot, respectively.

The auteur-visionaries of this creation are two long-time friends, Maxim Kashirin and Anatoly Korneev, whose lives have always rotated around the world of wine and whose objective has always been to promote these treasures in their homeland, Russia.

Bertinga is the fruit of their experience, their dreams, and of their unquenchable enthusiasm.

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