#MoritzRecommends: Tour De Vin | Sip, Savour, and Say 'Oui' to French Wine Adventures 🍷🇫🇷

Moritz is back with 3 sophisticated wines from France!

From the enchanting @cellierauxmoines Clos Du Moulin Aux Moines Monthelie Sous le Cellier Blanc 2020, a true symphony of elegance, to the bold and organic @matthieu_barret_cornas Matthieu Barret Cornas Brise Cailloux Rouge 2020, igniting your senses with every sip. 🌱🍷 And don't miss the charming Domaine M & S Bouchet Fleur Bleue Grolleau 2019, a delightful dance of flavours that will leave you wanting more.

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